Light installation

Art lights up the night sky

Visitors have been able to experience the highlight of the Landscape Park since December 1996 – but only in the evenings. That’s when the British artist Jonathan Park's light installation immerses the old ironworks in a fascinating sea of light and colour.

The installation illuminates the technical structures at the heart of the old ironworks, covering an area of some 15 hectares.

The so-called full programme runs on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and on Bank Holidays. From Mondays to Thursdays a reduced programme is run, limited to the illumination of the three chimney stacks. For special functions the full programme sometimes is run on weekdays.

The programme is linked to a twilight switch which, as night falls, launches the start. This explains why in winter the installation often starts as early as 5 pm, whilst in summer it may start as late as 10 pm.

The countless coloured lights, flood lights, spots, strip lights and high pressure gas discharge lamps have been replaced with energy saving LED lighting since 2009, not only reducing costs but also creating a dynamic variety of ever-changing colours.

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  • © Siegfried Dammrath
  • © Thomas Berns
  • © Martin Gothe
  • © Martin Gothe
  • © Horst Zielske
  • © Christoph Schmitz

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