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Photography and filming at the Landscape Park

Do you want to undertake professional photography or shoot a film at the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord? The Landscape Park Team will be pleased to help with all your questions relating to your project. Please have a word with us. In the following we have listed your most frequent questions (Status March 2014):

1. Do I need a permit?

 You do not need a permit for private photography and filming at the Landscape Park. However, a permit is needed for model shoots (TfP), Cosplay shootings, photographs with vehicles and also productions requiring technical installations on the site.

Permits are needed in all cases for agencies, TV companies, businesses and commercial photography courses. This also applies to all projects wanting to publish material produced on the site for advertising purposes.

2. Do I have to pay for a filming or photography permit?

In certain cases we’re unfortunately not able to issue a filming or photography permit free of charge. These cases relate in particular to projects where the purpose is the commercial publication of the film or photographic material produced on the site. The fee is exclusively used to support the maintenance of the site. You’re more than welcome to talk to us about this.

3. Do I need a permit as the leader of a photography course or workshop?

In all cases we need to be informed in advance of a commercial photo workshop on the Landscape Park site, i.e. courses where a participation fee is charged. This also applies to photography courses run by various adult education centres.

Meetings of non-commercial photography clubs do not need a permit.

4. Can I drive a vehicle on the site?

We try to keep the use of vehicles on the site to a minimum.

Vehicles etc therefore always require special permission. Please feel free to talk to us about this

5. Can I use my photos for commercial purposes?

The commercial use of picture material (e.g. for advertising purposes, advertising campaigns, flyers, calendars, posters, post cards, etc.) must be agreed in advance with the Duisburg Marketing GmbH and confirmed with the issue of a filming or photography permit.

6. Can I publish my photographs or films on the internet?

Privately taken photos can be published in so-called social networks and forums (Facebook, Flickr, photo communities, YouTube etc.) for the private exchange of views and entered in film and photography competitions.

If, however, the pictures are placed online in these networks for commercial purposes, special arrangements must be made with the Duisburg Kontor Hallenmanagement GmbH.

7. Is nude photography allowed in the Landscape Park?

Since the Landscape Park is a site which attracts great numbers of visitors, the taking of nude photographs cannot be permitted. The taking of pornographic pictures on the site is prohibited and will be reported to the police.

8. Can I film or take photographs in the Landscape Park with a multicopter?

The taking of photographs in the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord with unmanned flying systems is for safety and legal reasons not permitted. For commercial projects a special permit is to be applied for at the Duisburg Kontor Hallenmanagement GmbH.

9. Can I also work in the events halls with a filming or photography permit?

A filming or photography permit is issued for a particular location in the park, which means that a permit for work in the parklands does not automatically grant access to our events halls. Special arrangements need to be made for a project in the Power Plant, the Blower House Complex or the Casting House.

10. Once granted, how long is a permit valid for?

A permit is exclusively issued for a date or period agreed by the Duisburg Kontor Hallenmanagement GmbH. On expiry the permit is no longer valid and a new application must be made for a further project.

11. How long does it take to process an application for a permit?

The Landscape Park team always does its utmost to process your application at once.

12. Can the Park Security ask to check my permit?

Yes, the employees of RBG Protection are encouraged to check permits and keep a close eye on events on the site. So, as you enter the park, please report to the gate at the main entrance with your permit. The gate is manned 24 hours a day.

13. What else should I be aware of?

Please be aware that weapons, objects resembling weapons, fire and fireworks, artificial smoke and snow, confetti and streamers are not permitted on the site and, where required, need a special permit.  

14. What information should I provide when making an application?

To help our staff process your application, we’d be grateful if you could include in your initial request information concerning the desired date, content and location you have in mind.

Please send your application to the following email address:

Your application will be passed on directly to the reevant member of our staff.

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