Your most frequently asked questions

      1. What are the Landscape Park’s opening times?

      The Park can be visited throughout the year and with no time limitations.

      2. Do I have to pay for entry to the Landscape Park?

      No, the Landscape Park is accessible free of charge at all times.

      3. When is the Light Installation switched on?

      The Light Installation is linked to a twilight switch which, as night falls, initiates the start. This explains why in winter the installation often starts as early as 5 pm, whilst in summer it may start as late as 10 pm.

      4. Is the Light Installation on every day?

      Yes, but during the week the programme is limited to a small section of the park, whilst at weekends and on Bank Holidays the full programme runs, comprising five changing scenes of light. The full programme can also be run during the week - for special functions, for example.

      5. Where are the car parks?

      The public car park is situated directly opposite the main entrance on Emscherstrasse 71 in Duisburg-Meiderich. There are altogether 1,600 parking spaces available.

      6. Is there a charge for parking?

      No, our car parks can be used free of charge.

      7. Can I drive my car into the park?

      No, out of respect for visitors, cars are not allowed into our park. Please use the free car park.

      8. Where can I get information about the Landscape Park?

      Information can be obtained in the Landscape Park’s Visitors’ Centre.

      Opening times:

      Monday to Friday: 
      9 am – 6 pm

      Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays:
      11 am – 6 pm


      +49 (0) 203 42 919 19

      Visitor Information is situated in the Hauptschalthaus (Main Switching House), to be found by turning left out of the entrance past the former porters lodge. The building is characterised by a large stele with a red arc flash symbol.

      9. Where can I book guided tours?

      Guided tours can be booked in the Visitors’ Centre or by phoning +49 (0) 203 42 919 19.

      10. Which guided tours are provided?

      The following guided tours are provided: Night, Torchlit, Structural Change and Industrial Heritage tours, bike tours through the park and children’s and family tours. Have a look round at our Customer Service.

      11. Where can I get an overview plan?

      Overview plans and other information leaflets can be obtained from the Visitors’ Centre.

      12. Is there a restaurant or a beer garden in the Landscape Park?

      Yes, the restaurant is situated in the Hauptschalthaus (Main Switching House) and you’ll find a beer garden right next door on the Cowper Plaza opposite. You’ll find further information in our Food and drink area.

      13. What are the opening times for the restaurant and beer garden?

      The restaurant is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 11 am to midnight. It’s closed Mondays. The beer garden is open in good weather from midday till about 10 pm.

      14. How can I reserve a table?

      Table reservations can be made by phone on +49 (0) 203 41 799 180 or by fax on +49 (0) 203 41 799 183.

      15. Are there any bike trails in the Landscape Park?

      Of course! The Landscape Park is accessible by a network of bike and walking trails and is also connected to regional trails. For example, the northern route of the Emscherpark-Radwanderweg takes you through the park, and the “Grüne Pfad” (Green Path), which takes you on to Oberhausen, has been created on a disused railway line.

      16. Can I hire a bike?

      Yes, bikes can be hired from the Visitors’ Centre. Find out about Bike hire.

      17. Do I have to return the bike to the Landscape Park?

      Revier-Rad’s networked system makes it possible to return your bike at other places in the Ruhr District, e. g. at the Zeche Zollverein in Essen, at the railway station in Mülheim or Haus Ripshorst in Oberhausen.

      18. Who do I contact if I want to go diving?

      There’s full information about the diving gasometer on the homepage of the North Park Diving Club:

      19. Who do I contact if I want to go climbing?

      At the Landscape Park there are two opportunities to go climbing:

      The Duisburg section of the German Alpine Association has constructed alpine climbing gardens in former ore bunkers. Information is available from their office on

      Telephone: +49 (0) 203 42 81 20 or at


      In the Gießhalle (Casting House) of blast furnace 2 the power-ruhrgebiet GmbH has set up a spectacular high ropes course. This is where climbing events with the motto “Expedition Steel” are held. You can get further details at

      Telephone +49 (0) 201 38 44 90 or at


      20. When does the Open Air Cinema take place?

      The Open Air Cinema takes place every year in July/August. You’ll find details on dates, programme and tickets at


      21. Can I stay the night at the Landscape Park?

      There’s a youth hostel in the Landscape Park which was opened in 2001. You’ll find further information at


      or by phone on  +49 (0) 203 41 79 00.

      22. Can I camp in the Landscape Park?

      Camping in the grounds of the Landscape Park is not allowed. For groups such as scouts etc. there is the possibility of organising a camp by arrangement with the “Ingenhammshof” Farm School. You can get information from the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Workers’ Welfare Association) Duisburg on +49 (0) 203 42 41 33.

      23. Are barbecues allowed in the Landscape Park?

      There are various BBQ areas in the park: on the Steinhalle Plaza, near the climbing gardens and at the Emstermannshof. The areas are freely accessible at all times and don’t need to be booked. However, you must bring your own BBQ grill. Please leave the area as clean as you found it.

      24. Can I bring my dog with me?

      Yes, dogs are allowed in the Landscape Park!

      25. Where are there public toilets in the park?

      Public toilets are to be found next to the Blower House Complex (diagonally opposite the gasometer) and in the Main Switching House where the Visitors’ Centre and the restaurant are located. There’s also a disabled toilet.

      26. Is the park disabled-friendly?

      To a great extent the park is accessible by wheelchair. Please bear in mind, however, that not all the paths are tarmaced and the viewing platform on Blast Furnace 5 cannot be accessed by wheelchair. For further information, please visit the section


      27. How can I find out about public events in the park?

      Public events are advertised on the homepage, in the NewsFlash and in the Events Calendar.


      28. Do I need a permit to take pictures in the park?

      In certain cases that may be necessary. For further information, please read the

      FAQs photo and filming location